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By High Desert Family Medicine
June 17, 2021
Tags: Hearing Loss  
Hearing LossWhen you think about preventing or treating hearing loss you probably don’t immediately think about turning to an osteopath but maybe you should. After all, some forms of hearing loss can be avoided if you incorporate healthy habits and promote a safe environment that nurtures your hearing. Many osteopathic physicians are beginning to see even mild hearing loss in kids and teens and a lot has to do with blasting music for hours on end through their headphones. By determining these habits, an osteopath can map out effective solutions that can keep you and your family maintaining healthy hearing.
Are Your Headphones Too Loud?

The answer is “probably”. If you can’t hear someone talking to you or don’t know what’s going on around you when you put on your headphones, then this is a telltale sign that your headphones are too loud and you need to turn the volume down.

Kids that spend a lot of time using headphones may develop mild hearing loss, which in turn can delay speech and language. This is why it’s incredibly important for parents to monitor the number of time kids spend wearing headphones and to make sure they are listening to them at safe volumes.
Is it Possible to Prevent Hearing Loss?

Here are some simple strategies that you and the family can start implementing to preserve your hearing and protect against hearing loss,
  • When listening to headphones the sound should be no louder than 60 percent of the maximum volume. Limit headphone use to one hour a day.
  • If you decide to listen to your headphones for more than one hour, make sure to decrease the volume even further.
  • If you absolutely have to blast the music (but why would you?), the maximum amount of time to listen is five minutes for the day.
  • Instead of turning to earbuds, which may feel more comfortable, using larger headphones that sit over the ears are often better for your hearing.
Unfortunately, hearing loss is often gradual so you may be doing damage every day but not even realize it until it’s too late. Taking these steps now can reduce your risk for noise-related hearing loss. If you are concerned about your hearing, you may also want to talk with an osteopath about other tips and strategies for protecting your hearing.
Prevention is key, particularly when it comes to hearing loss. While we may not be able to stop age-related hearing loss there are strategies that we can help you put in place right now to protect your hearing for the future.

By High Desert Family Medicine
June 02, 2021
Category: Osteopathic Care
Allergy TestingFrom certain foods to pollen many substances can cause allergy symptoms. If you are dealing with allergies you may be surprised to hear that an osteopath may be able to help you with your itchy nose, cough, and watery eyes. Of course, before you turn to a doctor for treatment it’s best to turn to them first for allergy testing.
Should I get tested for allergies?

Not everyone will need to undergo allergy testing. People who will benefit the most from turning to their osteopath for allergy testing include,
  • Those dealing with allergy symptoms that are severe, recurrent, or last for more than two weeks
  • Those who aren’t experiencing relief through over-the-counter allergy medications
  • Those who are still dealing with symptoms despite avoiding the supposed allergen
  • Those who have a decreased quality of life due to their allergies
  • Those who have trouble breathing, chest tightness, or have asthma symptoms as a result of their allergies
Some people may think they know what they are allergic to, but you might be surprised to discover that you may have several things that you’re allergic to. This is where an allergy test can be beneficial, as it can isolate which allergens you have reactions to and then provide you with customized treatment.
What types of allergy testing is available?

The two most common types of allergy tests are a skin prick test and a blood test. Before getting an allergy test, particularly a skin prick test, it’s important to talk with your osteopath about any severe allergic reactions you’ve had in the past or whether you have certain chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, as a skin prick test may not be the ideal allergy testing for you.

Allergy skin prick testing can be used to test suspect allergies to indoor and outdoor allergens, foods, insects, and certain medications. Most reactions will occur in as little as 15 minutes. Blood tests may be used if a patient is unable to undergo a skin prick test or if they experience angioedema or hives when they come in contact with a suspected allergen.

While less common, a patch test may be used if your osteopath suspects that you might have an allergy to certain fragrances, skincare products, fabrics, or metals.
Are you interested in getting allergy testing? If so, an osteopath can provide you with a comprehensive allergy panel and create an effective treatment plan to help you get your allergies under control. Before you treat your allergies it’s important to find out what’s triggering your symptoms.